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Readers’ Magnet

June 30, 2021

Hi, I’m the author of Elements of Submission and I’m so happy to be here at the Authors’ Lounge with you. When I first began writing just over ten years ago, I learned the many paths to publishing. At the time, I decided to go the traditional route and pitch to agents and editors. My first book Best Kept Secrets (by Tracey S. Phillips) was picked up by a publisher through the Twitter event, #Pitmad where you pitch your work to agents and publishers in the Twitter-sphere. Since that release . . .Continue to Readers’ Magnet

Book Editing Associates

June 25, 2021

“My husband called it the Franken-book. When I reached out to Stacey Donovan, I told her that this manuscript had been through 26 revisions. It may have been an exaggeration, but not by much. Needless to say, ten years of toying with it had made me question not only the strength of the plot and the characters’ interactions, but also my writing. Continue reading on Book Editing Associates

Romance Junkies

June 21, 2021

That’s What SHE Said: Lit Women Who Rock,

By K.L. Romo

Why Genre Spanning author Tracey S. Phillips embraced a pseudonym.

June 17, 2021

It’s clear that author Tracey S. Phillips is an expert in flexibility. Yes, she practices yoga, and yes, she’s a piano teacher. But she also writes novels across multiple genres and publishing platforms.

Phillips’ first novel, Best Kept Secrets (BKS) — a police-procedural thriller featuring a gritty female detective — was traditionally published by independent press Crooked Lane Books (CLB) in 2019. Then, while banging out a sequel and also writing a standalone thriller, Phillips began writing romantic suspense. She plans to experiment with that genre by self-publishing her newest novel, Elements of Submission (E of S) — a steamy romantic thriller — under the pseudonym Karissa Knight. Read more. . .

Who is mystery/suspense author, Tracey S. Phillips?

Tracey S. Phillips, author

Tracey S. Phillips on YouTube

Blackbird Writers

By Saralyn Richard

Blackbirds are middle-sized birds with beautiful singing voices. Similar to ravens, the blackbirds have glossy black feathers. As nocturnal animals, they have often been linked to darkness and mystery, and they have often been the subjects of poets, novelists, and artists of all types. In addition, blackbirds are considered among the most intelligent, intuitive birds, based on their unique bird calls for different purposes and their strategic behaviors. Because of their intelligence, they are often used to symbolize knowledge. Some societies use blackbirds as totems or as spiritual animals. To read more, click here.

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Who Are Your Heroines?

June, 2020

Real and Historical Women In the quiet days of quarantine, I had many opportunities to meditate on my life choices and personal behavior. I used the time for reflection on changes I wanted to see in myself and the world around me. So I considered the woman I’d like to become. Am I kind? Thoughtful? Am I a good friend? My rumination brought to mind the women I admire most. Closest to my heart, my grandmother, Lucina Moxley was my teacher and mentor in music and in life. A patron of the arts and music, she… continue reading.

Musical Moment

October, 2020

Instruments play a chord. You know this music, the feeling it evokes draws on your emotions. The rhythm moves you and you don’t think about it,  your feet just tap the beat. You sway with the chord changes and let the notes fill you. After a few bars, a single instrument sings above the rest. It’s telling the story, a familiar story, but you stop everything and listen because you need to hear it again. You hum along with the quavering high note of a bowed violin, or the low and sultry oboe. Perhaps an acoustic… Read more here.

A Traditional Publishing Contract Nontraditionally

October, 2019

Once you’ve written a story, the dream is to publish, right? And, for those of us who don’t want to self-publish, we know to query and pitch, query and pitch. But sometimes the traditional process doesn’t work. Whether it’s a day job, kids, or taking care of aging parents, life can get in the way of. . .Continue reading in ITW’s The Thrill Begins.

Why We Read What We Read

October, 2019

As your gaze skims the words on the page, you curl into yourself. Elbows tuck and your shoulders hunch. Your heart rate climbs from adagio to vivace. A fingernail sneaks between your teeth and you work it till you come to the end of the chapter and. . . “No!” You can’t stop there, the author’s left another cliffhanger! “Why do so many women read thrillers?” A friend asked me during a discussion of. . .Read more on Jungle Red Writers