I’m working on book two in the trilogy!  THE CONTRACT takes you beyond the thriller genre, adding exciting new erotic scenes, and a thrilling new international crime that is sure to keep you on the edge of your seat.

The strength Mina never dreamed she had emerges as she fights Jonathon for what she wants. Our heroine dives further into the depths of her contract than she ever thought possible. When Jonathon is framed by an associate, he and Mina must work together to stop him. But when Mina’s best friend Traci goes missing, Mina takes matters into her own hands. Jonathon proves himself and we see a glimmer of what will become of the lovers in book three.

Here’s an excerpt from book two


Present day, late July:        

The orange sky glowed like fires burning in the distance. Because the sun hadn’t gone down on the sizzling summer evening, I closed the curtains of the floor-to-ceiling windows in Jonathon’s luxurious first-floor bedroom then lit two candles. I dabbed tinted lip gloss on my lips and stripped off every bit of clothing except the diamond studded collar fastened tightly around my neck. The collar that Jonathon, my lover, had given me weeks ago.

I printed out the document written by Jonathon. The Elements of Submission contract described the relationship I was about to dive into with him. The contract outlined consensual sex play between a dominant and submissive. It listed sadistic pleasures to be given or received, including the acts of piercing and tattooing, caning, and nipple torture. Invasive devices—gags and anal plugs—were among the toys in the contract. Jonathon asked me to check items and label them as hard or soft limits.

I’d taken two days to read it. Two days to read my lover. At first, I took his offer of a contract as a power play. But I realized that I’d read him wrong. The contract merely defined our roles. It allowed me to give or deny consent to certain activities related to sex-play. By signing it, I gained power too. It gave me the ability to define the activities we would explore together. Most importantly, it gave me what I’d ultimately wanted. Punishment.

By now I’d read the contract dozens of times and knew it as well as the legal documents I wrote for my clients. With Jonathon as my dominant partner, he would have control in the bedroom. His job would include decisions to deliver pleasure and pain and by various means of delivery. I would be his submissive, the recipient of his rulings. By signing the contract, I gave him the right to bind my ankles and wrists. I gave him the right to whip me or pour hot wax on me. I gave him the right to control my orgasms.

When I signed the contract, I repealed none of the activities because I wanted to try them all. My safeword tombstone gave me an out if I needed it. Otherwise, Jonathon would have unlimited domination over me and that was my choice. I knew that I wanted Jonathon to master me. I knew that I loved the pain as much as the pleasure.

The contract lay on the foot of the bed in front of me. Then I positioned myself kneeling with my knees spread wide, wearing nothing but his collar.

When Jonathan entered the room, I fell in love with him all over again. Black hair framed intense blue eyes above his straight nose and chiseled jaw. From across the room his powerful energy fluttered my heart. His tall muscular body could protect and carry me away or overpower and conquer me. Tonight, I chose domination.

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